Monday, May 17, 2010

some progress

I did get to quilt yesterday and today. Very little stash used, but at least I am having some wonderful therapy. This is a love quilt that started out as a pink quilt and now is more purple. I'll be quilting it with purple thread. Hope it will provide some comfort. This will be a stash buster, and a UFO finish.
I quilted two (2) Quilts of Valor (QOV) quilts. 2 more to go and send off. I'm loading a third tonight. Might not get it quilted because there is a storm brewing here.

I will have another QOV coming on Thursday from someone else.

I did some testing of embroidery a cute little goldfinch, a fun flamingo.a fun bread basket, a pie plate that I can't seem to get to turn the right way, a honey pot, and I made 2 heartstrings labels.
I stitched out 2 labels for friends.
Here is a heartstrings quilt that I made for the Wilford Hall maternity ward for high risk pregnancies. Such a sad time in a woman's life, and maybe these little quilts will help her move on. I just need to put on the binding. I need a photo of the boy heartstrings I made with lime green centers.
This is a photo of DD Singing and Stringing in the Park on Sat.These activities are what are taking up lots of my time. I love it!


Rhonda said...

Greetings Mel....Rhonda here. I've just found your blog. I'm from Texas too....I live near Waco. Where are you located and are you a longarm quilter.....I'm looking for a quilter.
Anyway, it's good to have found your blog which I've bookmarked!
Take care.

Alycia said...

Your quilts are wonderful, but I especially LOVE that Purple and Pink quilt at the top. That is just gorgeous!!