Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not an April Fools Joke

OK, I have started feeling better and thought I'd better update what I've been up to. Not been using lots of stash, but been getting items out of here that I need to have accomplished.
So, here is the GS pillow I made for a girl that has to leave because the family is moving away from the area.
I've done some embroidery testing, until my machine started acting bad and I had to take it in to have it fixed.
These are QOV's I've been working on -- #78,#85, #84, #83, & #82.
I worked on a small quilt from the class. It is called Meg's garden from Jo's club and I named it Ashley's garden. I don't normally make small quilts, but this class is challenging me. I'm working on the dreaded applique.

I embroidered a large label for a love quilt. It was a fun one to do. Can't post a photo of it yet.
I had to redo the three Birthday blocks I made for February and I made one for March. The post office lost the one package that had 3 blocks in it. So hoping they show up sometime soon.
I quilted a quilt for Sandy and LOVE these colors!

Fabric usage for March was 9.79 yards used. None brought in, so that was a good thing. I used 26.39 yards of fabric. I will try and update this weekly from now on.
So, I guess I've been busier than I thought. But, most of it has been quilting for others instead of doing my own things. Now to focus on some of my other projects I need to complete.

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