Tuesday, March 16, 2010

busy busy

I've been busy with DH being home and trying to get some things done.
I have tested some embroidery designsCan't get the Easter egg photo to turn. Aren't these adorable?A thimble - at least the 10 year olds thought so. I love this Easter basketI had fun doing the stitch outs.
I made one of the baby heart strings quilts. These will go to Wilford Hall for the parents who won't be taking a baby home. :(
I finished quilting Tammy's quilts, but I need to find the box to put them all in.
I finished the wall hanging for my class and now need to do some prep work for the next one. I would like to try this one again. Maybe in different colors.
I finished the quilting and binding on the Texas quilt. It might not go to where I thought it would, but will make a nice give sometime in the future.


Helen in the UK said...

I love that Texas flag quilt. You don't indicate how large it is, but I'm guessing that with all those fabrics included it must be sizeable :)

Mel said...

The Texas Flag quilt is a nice sized lap quilt. those squares finish at 2".
It was fun to make, but time consuming.