Sunday, December 20, 2009

2 quilts done

OK, I finished the Girl Scout quilt in time. It was a fun one to do. I love the label. Caryl's favorite animal is a pig. I'll have to find that photo somewhere. We will miss her. They should be on their way to Hawaii today.
Then, the quilt that was a real pain to accomplish was this one. It was for a family member that I wanted to get done, but it just didn't want to be finished. I pray it gets to their home BEFORE Christmas. It is mailed and should be there Tuesday, but we shall see if it happens. I need to bring the tracking number to my computer. This one reminded me why I don't make quilts for money. I hate to disappoint, but my family is my most important focus and if anyone wants me to make a quilt for them for pay, they need to understand that.
I also have a Daisy quilt that was a mystery that I did for a friend, but I'm not sure she will use it because of changes in style. But, I should mail it off anyway.

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Blanket America said...

The pattern is nice ... but you try more combination like a contrasting pair of beige and crimson,dark chocolate brown and baby pink etc.