Sunday, July 27, 2014


OK, so I finished putting together this UFO top. 
 I like the background that looks like bubbles.  
Both DD and DS love it.
Now to find the backing and get it quilted.
I have a full day the next 2 days, so I doubt that is going to happen.
It will use about 5.5 yards of fabric.

Updated listing

Of course, these are only the ones at the front.  I still have loads of band booster things to do.  Guess I need to make a new list,

  • Cut more 2.5” squares from baby clothing
  •  Clean off desk (started and redone)

  • Sew some of UFO together
  •   Vacuum and dust
  • Redo the lease for the trailer
  • Put binding on pink and green quilt
  • UFO Progress

    After doing DD duties for GS today, I came home and finished the center of the Shenandoah top.
    I started the inner border and decided to show you what I am up to.
    After the 2 dark narrow strips there will be a light blue border.
    When that is on, the top is ready to get backing and quilt.
    This is just a lap size because I do not like cutting these long pieces.
    The cutting takes longer to do than the piecing.
    That is why it turned into one of my easy UFOs.
    If it weren't for the Sampler Society UFO Challenge, I doubt I would have tackled this one.
    Thanks, Karlene for keeping me going.

    Stash report

    Not a good month.  Vacation took it's toll on my productivity and summer band starting has not helped.

    Added Year to Date             - 73.50
    Added This Month                   6.00
    Used This Month                     0.00
    Used This Week                     0.00
    Used This Year                    140.89

    I do have a binding to work on and will have a finish this week.
    I do have another UFO being worked on, so that is a good thing.

    Saturday, July 26, 2014

    Working on UFO

    Shenandoah is one of my UFOs.  
    When you stop mid stream in cutting, you have some issues.  :(
    All the problems can be worked out, but I hate problems.  LOL

    I also put the binding on the pink and green quilt.
    I will work on it during idle times.

    Monday, July 21, 2014

    Nothing new done

    I really had planned to do the binding on the pink and green quilt, but the band activities took over.  What I thought would only take a little over half the day took all day.
    I hope the next 3 days are no like that.  I'm hoping they go the half day and I have some time to myself.

  • Put binding on pink and green quilt
  • Cut more 2.5” squares from baby clothing
  •   Vacuum and dust
  •  Clean off desk (started and redone)
  • Redo the lease for the trailer
  • Sew some of UFO together

  • Get photos to download to the right spot
  • Uniform items done for band       
  •  Uniform fitting finalized for band for next week
  • Laundry
  •  Update the school calendar on my phone

  • Sunday, July 20, 2014

    new UFOs

    Shenandoah UFO for Sampler Society

    Pink & Green UFO for my Mom