Saturday, April 19, 2014

UFO #3 of Sampler Society

This is the LBT UFO.  It had another border that was too much work.  I don't like my fabric choices on this one.  It is too scrappy for me.  I had some extra orphan 9 patches and used them instead.  I do think it needs a small border and then a larger one, maybe floral print.  It will talk to me sometime.
This is my next UFO in the Sampler Society UFO Challenge.  I finished the second one early, so I started this one early.  It will go on the back burner until I get the band t shirt quilt done.

DD is making me more of these.  I asked for a purple one and she made that and 2 others.  She is experimenting on how many beads, their shapes, etc.  I think she is having fun.

Happy Easter Everyone!  The Lord is Risen.

Stiletto making

I asked DD to make some stilettos for sewing.  
These are supposed to help with pushing that last bit of fabric through without losing seam allowance.
They are made with turkey basters.  
The hardest part is closing the loop at the top.  
DD had fun making these.

Quilting done

I finished the quilting on it.  Stitched in the ditch around the brown.  I dis stars in the border.  I did loops in the white of the eagle background.
Now to bind it.


The top of the wording is more aligned.  :)
I'm quilting it now.  I hope it can be done by Monday.

Eagle Wall hanging

So, I unstitched the saying and restitched it in.  I am not sure I like the way it went back in, so I might need to do some adjustments.  These fitsy things are not what I love.

Thank you

I thank my friend, Lorena, for stitching this out for me.  I could not get my machine to cooperate and I needed to finish this during the weekend..  Lorena of a Thread of Scarlet saved me.  I can now work to get the wall hanging finished and delivered before the Eagle Scout ceremony.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


So, you say, what is it with all the baggies?  Well, I am working on my third UFO for the Sampler Society and wanted to go through my extra blocks to see if there were any that I could use for the UFO.  Would be a good time to use UFOs to complete another UFO, right?  Well in going through things I organized them by size.  In doing that I replaced this many bags with 5 bags.  Better organized and maybe I'll be able to find blocks that will go better with each other.  If I had bags with blocks already sorted, then I left them together.  No real sewing done today.  I just worked on embroidery that did not go real well.  I don't understand why I had the problem, but I did with my transferring of files.