Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Music quilt

I was quilting along and all was well with the silver thread.  Then it started breaking.  Clean the machine, oil the machine, let's try a different needle.  No joy. Start ripping out the swirls.  Why does it take longer to rip than sew?  Hope to get this ripped out today.
It could have been ready to bind.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Road Quilt is done.

My road quilt was my July Lovely Year of Finishes Quilt.
I finally found the time to load it and quilt it.  
I did not custom this one.
It is a donation quilt that I'll add matchbox cars to the package and donate to Autumn Winds for their Fall Bazaar.

Weekend update

DD decided to rearrange her room, so I didn't get focused on my stuff.
I friend gave me her leftovers for dog beds and pillows. 
Out of her stuff, these went into the string bin. 
I'm helping with a GS Gold award by quilting this quilt.
Need to find backing for it and get it quilted and back to her. 
Finished one of the Christmas Tree Wall Hangings.
It will get some decorations when I ind them.
I think I might have some in my craft drawers.

I quilted the rest of the Christmas Tree Wall Hangings.
Now to get the binding sewn down.

T-shirt Quilt

I realized I never showed you the finished T-shirt quilt.

Design Wall

It's not much, but a start
This was one that was having blocks framed twice.
I think I received this from someone else.
It was going to be something akin to Gypsy Wife, but the blocks are too big.
I pulled the smaller, non-framed blocks off for later.
I'll use some of my already cut strips to frame the 6 blocks and then decide which two are next to each other.
i'm sure I have some pretty fall fabric for borders.

Check out Judy's site for other inspiration.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


I need to be accountable to my plan to organize my HST.
This is the box I had used to take to CA when DH was living there.
I'd work on pressing and trimming them and have usable pieces when I came home.
Since DH retired, I don't know that I've done much with these pieces.
They are bonus HST and I do use them when they are already trimmed.
So, Prairie Moon's challenge is to organize scraps.
I have my bins and strings and they are organized just fine.
But, this box is not, so this is my challenge for this week and until it is done.

Like the magazines.
I thought I'd be saying I was done going through magazine, until removing things from the bookshelves downstairs. :( 

I pulled a few and stacked them on my cutting table.
I will replenish the stack when they are all trimmed.
My goal is to cut a few at a time, so I don't get bored.
I started the process and didn't take a photo of the 6" ones.
I put them in my 6" drawer, because I won't use them in scrap quilts often.
I have started my 3.5", 3" 2.5", & 1.5" piles.
There will be a 2" pile there too, and maybe a 1" pile.
I need to pull the containers to put these in when there is enough to make it worth my while to do it.
So, the process has begun, but it won't be done for some time.

More row by row

Headed out yesterday around 11 and drove to Waco.
Crazy drivers and all.
We stopped at Tomorrow's Quilt Shop and met some wonderful people.row by row

We then drove to Belton to The sewing basket quilt shop

That was all we could do because of the closing time of shops.

My 1974 class was having a get together in Austin, so we went and visited for awhile before heading home.
I'm the one sitting down.
It was a nice day.
Thanks to Randy for driving all over creation.

I'm thinking that this is probably the last of the row by row because band is going to take over our lives.

Now to make a few.